The Case for IT Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Decoding your Service Desk and Maximizing Performance

This e-Book explores the many challenges faced by IT Service teams, including higher expectations to provide timely, effective support, growing resource constraints, and an increasingly complex technology landscape. As service desk operations get more complicated, so also do service issues and their resolutions. If you are like most IT organizations, you probably struggle to quickly uncover and neutralize service issues and identify which process changes are to blame.

Analytics can transform your service team into investigators who can uncover and fix the problems that are impeding workflows, and also help you answer the 'why' to address the root causes.

With the right analytical approach, IT leaders can:

  • Go beyond just tracking service volume and identify how to reduce the burden on your service team
  • Optimize resource allocation, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce incident escalations and reassignments
  • Gauge performance and customer perception by evaluating the right service desk metrics.
Read the, "Case for IT Analytics" and learn how you can better detect and alleviate problems with analytic insights, as well as use those insights to refine your service desk processes.